Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Crafter's Way 30

Each week I write a craft column for a local paper. I share it here for bloggers.

“Mum, we’re bored.” Have you heard this already these school holidays? Don’t panic here are a few more inexpensive craft activities that should keep the kids occupied for a little while. You might even make some and use in your own craft projects.

Double Dip Delight

You will need: Variety of Different Paper. Images are paper towel; use normal photocopy paper, watercolour. Even newspaper works.
Acrylic Paints or Food Colouring
Containers for colours

Method: Squeeze paint into containers. Add water to the acrylic paint until its very runny. Fold paper into small shapes; squares, diagonals, etc. Dip 1 corner into a colour very briefly, in and out quickly. Dip another corner into another colour. Refold the paper and continue dipping until the paper is completely coloured. Leave to dry. Do not try and unfold while wet. The paper is very fragile and will tear. As an alternative to folding you can crumple the paper before dipping. Paper can framed, used in gift cards or scrapbook projects.

Embossed Art
You will need: Corrugated cardboard, can be purchased from a bargain shop or recycle an old cardboard box.
White paper
Paper Towels
Water Spray bottle

Method: Draw the outline of a shape onto the corrugated cardboard. The kids colouring books are great for inspiration. Cut out this shape. Using the spray bottle mist water over the white paper. Don’t make it too wet or it will tear. Lay the cardboard shape flat and then place the wet paper on top. Using your finger, gently push the paper into the edge of the cardboard. Now place layers of paper towel on top. This will absorb excess water. Weight with a heavy object until dry. Once dry the finished embossed artwork can be painted.

Have fun!

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Maddie said...

Those colours are beautiful. Amazing what you can do with paper. What are you going to do with it?

Trish Goodfield said...

Hi Maddie

Thank you so much. To be absolutely honest I have no idea what I'm going to do with the paper. I quickly made it because I needed an image for the article. I'm sure it will show up in a finshed piece eventually.