Sunday, 16 September 2007

The Crafters' Way 29

Each week I wtite a craft column for a local paper. I share it here for bloggers.

“Retazos: Odds and Ends”, is the current exhibition at Gallery 159. “Retazos” literally means scraps of leftover material or fabric in Spanish. I recently interviewed Maite Izquierdo about “Retazos” and her art.

How did you get into textiles?
After graduating with an arts degree in Chile I became interested in sewing women’s clothes. My environment then became filled with fabric and threads, which were later reused to make art.

Where do you get your inspiration?
One of the sources of my inspiration is the work of Female Latin American artisans. These women, strong and hardworking, were spinning their colours and materials from the earth, with technique and beautiful art.

Do you have a finished look in mind when you start or does the work evolve as you go?
I think there is a little of both. In “Retazos” I did everything methodically, step by step, in the same way, in the same 3 primary colours. Fabric, ribbon and threads are combined through an intense sewing process. Left over material is sewn and re-sewn, coming together to result in warm, shiny and beautiful compositions.

Do you use recycled fabric or do you purchase them for a specific project?
I never throw any scraps away. I’m a master at recycling as my exhibition history demonstrates. My “retazos” are the first step in each creation. They are my big treasure.

How would you describe your work?
I think that every colour, every fabric, every loose threads that I put into my work means something: thoughts, memories, obsessions….It is my way to feel the moment, to feel that I’m doing something that makes me feel alive. Every “Odd and End” is a “second” in my life.

If you'd like to see some more images of Maite's work click here

Gallery 159 is found at 159 Payne Road, The Gap. Open weekends 10am –4pm
Phone 3300 6491

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