Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Silver Anniversary

Earlier in the year I wrote a Crafters' Way article on a Tricia Smout Exhibition. Tricia uses letter, words, and symbols as her inspiration to create hangings, artist books, sculptures and wearable art in paper, fibre and fabric. I was inspired.

At the same time I had started to think about a 25th Wedding Anniversary present for my sister. Sheelagh isn't flowery or excessive, preferring simple and elegant . A text based design seemed perfect for her.

I designed a simple cross stitch using the barcode font on the computer. Instead of the numbers you usually find under a barcode I stitched the letters of their names.

The second image is a close up of the design. I needed to play around with the spacing of the letters a bit, but generally they are in line with the bars. You could easily use the same idea and add flowers etc to give it a softer look.

The design has been stitched for a couple of months but I couldn't post it until I gave it to them today. They loved it!

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Sophie said...

Great idea and it looks great - no wonder they loved it!