Monday, 30 July 2007

The Crafter's Way 21

I write a weekly craft article for a local paper, each week I share it with bloggers.

Pine Rivers Regional Art Gallery currently has some interesting exhibitions on show. If your middle name is ‘Imelda’ you will be interested in the exhibition of hand crafted art shoes from the Pendragon Boot Company. The exhibition showcases 19 years of work from Jackie Orme Ward and Adrian Lockwood. Pendragon Boot Company was established in 1987. Jackie and Adrian state that they had a desire to create unique, hand made quality footwear. Pendragon Boot Company have created shoe art pieces for a number of exhibitions, costume shoes for theatre and film and museums. Included in the exhibition are shoes from the movie Peter Pan.

The Pendragon Boot Company however is much more than just art shoes. Jackie and Adrian also create exclusive quality hand crafted shoes for the fashion market. They will also design and make individual commissions.

The Pendragon Boot Company Art Shoes exhibition runs until the 25th August.

Also currently exhibiting at the Gallery is the Women in Motion exhibition. The 7 Women Artists all display their creative sides through different mediums. The photo is of the artists on opening night. From Front Clockwise Kate Coote, Rozie Sherwood, Jane Van Dyck, Hilda Lange, Susan Mullen

I recently met with 2 of the artists at the gallery.

Jane Van Dyck hand sculptures platters, which have been inspired by a childhood spent growing up by the sea. All of these pieces are infinitely functional as well as being incredibly beautiful. Jane is not only a local artist; she also works as a Gallery Attendant. You too might be lucky enough to chat with one of the artists on your visit.

Susan Mullens’ ceramic sculptures have been mounted on timber plinths and are suitable for interior or exterior installations. Susan is also a local artist.

Having a personal interest in textiles I was drawn to the work of Canberra artist Rozalie Sherwood. Rozalie has successfully combined creative embellishment with haute couture. Having seen many ‘Wearable Art Exhibitions’ in the past I have often been left wondering where on earth would you wear it? Rozalie’s pieces are simply beautiful investment jackets that you will be able to wear for many seasons.

The Women in Motion exhibition runs until 11th August. The Pine Rivers Gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 4pm.

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