Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A Busy Weekend

Last weekend we attended the Tweed Heads Arts & Crafts Festival. In previous years it has always been held in November and at that time of the year we find it difficult to get away from the shop. This year they made the decision to hold it in July.

We packed up the threads and the fabrics on Thursday afternoon and drove down early on Friday morning. Okay, so it wasn't so much 'we', more like Alan packed up. Somebody had to take the photos!

This is the fabric display, the threads are around the other side.

We had an extremely enjoyable weekend, met lots of really interesting people and sold heaps of fabric and threads.

One of the added benefits of attending these sorts of shows is that I get lots of braiding done.

This first braid is an eight bobbin hollow braid in Cotton Crepe. I haven't finished the ends as I'm not sure what I'll use it for.

The second is an eight bobbin spiral braid in silk. The tasseled ends have been finished with a ferrule.

I had planned the threads for the first 2 braids before leaving. This last one is made using mixed threads from one of our embellishment packs which I had on hand. The tasseled ends have been finished with a series of Bolivian pompoms.

A very succesful weekend, we'll definitely be attending next year. I need to go now and finish off the next class calendar. I'll post it when its finished.

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