Sunday, 22 July 2007

The Crafter's Way 20

Each week I write a Craft Column for a local paper, I share it here with bloggers. I rarely post a photo with my Crafter's Way article however I think this guy's work should be an exception.

Pyrography is the ancient the art of "drawing with fire". Traditionally a heated tip or wire was used to burn designs onto wood. Burning can be done by using solid-point tool , a hot wire tool or even sunlight concentrated with a magnifying glass.

Pyrography Artist Greahme Wilkinson has used all these tools while developing his skills.Greahme recalls watching his grandfather fashion tools from his grandmother’s broom handle and red hot wire. This began Greahme’s fascination with pyrography which continues today. The years in between saw Greahme experiment with different tools and materials, Greahme claims that his magnifying glass period saw him ‘nearly going blind’. In 2000 he was given his first hot wire tool as a present. He completed his first picture and was hooked. Greahme says that it was at this time that he began to take the art seriously and wanted to see how far he could go with it.

With some urging from his wife he taught his first class of 6 students. Graehme says that it took the group 3 weeks to finish their first piece. The group were keen to undertake more classes. Greahme now teaches 4 classes per week from their working studio in Caboolture.

Its not just Greahme’s students who admire his pyroghaphic pieces. At the Caboolture Show Greahme has won 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in the Pyrography on MDF section; 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Pyrography on Timber section and 1st ,2nd & 3rd on Paper. He has also received the Grand Champion Woodpiece for the last 4 years.

Greahme teaches pyrography at Get Crafty, 16 King St Caboolture. Ph 5499 0813

Caloundra Quilters are holding their biennial Quilt Show 28th & 29th July. For more information ph: (07) 54919270 or email

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