Sunday, 15 July 2007

Clean Up part two

The big clean up highlighted that I needed to finish off some projects that had been lying around. They just needed one or two things done and they would be finished completely.

I spent Saturday morning pottering around doing just that.

These are some fabric flowers that were inspired by Jayne Emerson's project in the March/April 2007 edition of Cloth, Paper Scissors.

Jayne machine embroidered hers, I chose to embellish mine by hand. I didn't use the fusible webbing to join the 2 pieces of fabric together, I used spray adhesive. Initially I didn't use the water soluble stabilizer either. I thought that I didn't need it as I wasn't using the machine. I found that the first flower was quite droopy and that the stabilizer also stiffened the fabric. I tacked the petals to the water soluble fabric then cut around it to embellish it. I didn't bother with the hoop. I actually had a heap of petals in my hand bag and whenever I needed to wait for something or somebody I would pull them out and do a few.

These are the flowers once I've stitched the peatls together. I also used 5 petals instead of Jayne's 4. The Fabrics are offcuts of my Hand Dyed Fabrics.

Once I had added the stems I turned them over. I decided that I would give the underside a light spray with the spray adhesive to further stiffen the flowers.

I must admit that by this stage I was a bit over the flowers. I didn't sew the beads into the centre. I plugged in the trusty hot glue gun. take care that you don't burn your finger when you push the beads into the glue. Don't ask me how I know this!

The second project I finished was another stitched cube form the UK Embroiderers' Guild magazine STITCH. I enlarged this from the pattern and again I altered the stitch graph. I also added a substantial weight with the wadding. This can be used as a paperweight. The three sides have been repeated to cover the 6 sides of the cube.

Again I used a variety of my Hand Dyed Threads.

I also cut to into gift card size some Hand Dyed Paper and laced some more stitched angels. All in all not a bad mornings work.

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Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Hi Trish, just popped in to say hello and update my list on the new computer,yeah!! And then I saw your flowers and wouldn't you know it, I have been making flowers for brooches and handbags while I was in hospital!! Talk about great minds! Yours are rather more constructed than mine, love your fabrics, it is going to be a flowery season! Luckily these ones don't have smelly yucky water after 3 days, they always look spectac! See you tomorrow! Linda