Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Braids and Balls

On Sundays I always sit outside the shop and demonstrate the kumihimo braiding. Mostly I use this time to play around with colours and textures. I never rarely have a finished piece in mind. This way I can chop and change the pattern I am doing to answer any customer questions.

Last Sunday though I used this time to make the braids for the key ring and the drawstring pouch.

The purple, grey and navy blue Hand Dyed Silk braid is for the key ring. I only need to finish assembling the ball.
The Blue/Green braid is for the drawstring bag( Post- Friday 11th May). This is a simple 4 strand braid made with Trishalan Designs Hand Dyed Spiral Cotton Thread. I'm going to use this as 1 strand in an 8 strand braid, forming a distorted braid. That's the plan anyway. I'll finish it this coming Sunday.

I've also started a WEBRING for Kumihimo Braiders and/or people interestedin this art. If you wish to join, just click on the button above my Profile and follow the steps.

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MargaretR said...

I bought a kit to make Kumihimo Braids at an exhibition while back. It's made of card. you have inspired me to have a go. It's still unopened.