Thursday, 17 May 2007

GOLD Kumihimo

Yesterday I ran a Kumihimo activity for the Brisbane City Council's GOLD (Growing Old and Living Dangerously) program.

Many in the class had no idea what Kumihimo was, they just thought that it sounded interesting and would give it a go.

One lady had been given a foam disc and as the instructions were in Japanese had no idea what to do with it. The diagrams confused me and I know what I am doing. I get a little annoyed that retailers can sell these kits in good conscience. The least they could do is provide an English translation. All they achieve is turning people off an craft that is fun, versatile and relaxing. That's my little gripe over and done with.

The class as always was fun to be teach and be part of. I love doing these sorts of classes, people are relaxed and really want to have fun and meet new people.

The group made two braid patterns, a round and a flat. These are some of the pieces the group made in the session. The round braid has seed beads sewn randomly along its length. The beads were sewn up the middle of the top flat braid. On the bottom flat braid, the beads were sewn along the edge giving a scalloped appearance. The ends were whipped before adding the coil ends and the findings.

I regularly conduct these classes for the local councils, along with fabric dyeing workshops, so keep you eye out if you are interested. If you can't wait to have a go at Kumihimo then I have a 4 week techniques class beginning on May 26th. 2007.

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