Thursday, 24 May 2007

Balls and Braids

Finally, I've posted the photos of the key rings. The purple and blue one was the first attempt. I hand sewed the VERY SMALL hexagons together, then embellished the seams after the two halves were complete. The braid is a simple 16 bobbin round from my hand dyed silk threads. The fabric is scraps of my hand dyed homespun.

I apologise for the photos, they are actually worse than my usual efforts. I have a new mobile phone and decided to test drive the camera.

The second key ring I took photos of the steps along the way.

This is the 12 fabric hexagons and the 12 paper templates. The fabric is scraps of a workshop piece in Cotton Lawn. This is a great project to use small leftovers.

You place a paper template over each fabric piece.

Turn over seam allowance and tack in place.

Onec you have tacked all the paper templates to your fabric pieces start joining them together. If you want to embellish the seams do this as you fo from the right side. Believe me it was much easier than the way I did the first ball.

Sew 1 half to this stage then repeat with the other half. The doodle has been added with a gel pen.

Join the 2 halves together remembering to embellish seams as you go. When you have 2 seams left to sew add the stuffing. Complete last 2 seams inserting the braid as you go.

This braid is a 8 bobbin flat braid. The texture comes from mixing the threads, 2 bobbins are Stranded cotton, 2 are Pure Spun Silk, 2 are Mulberry Silk and the last 2 are Cotton Chenille. all threads are hand dyed.

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