Sunday, 27 May 2007

The Crafter's Way 12

I write a craft column for a local newspaper, each week I share it with bloggers.

My recent column on blogs must have struck a chord with readers. I have received requests to review a few more sites.In my last column I wrote about blog search engines. Searching this way can be time consuming and a little hit and miss. Another way to search specifically by craft interest is to visit Ring, click on Arts, then Crafts. A list of approximately 100 web/net rings will appear. A brief description of the interest area will appear under each listing making it easier to find sites with your craft interest.

The first couple of blog sites are for people with an interest in altered books, fabric journals, art trading cards etc. for fabric collage. I’ve saved this in ‘My Favourites’ in the hope that some time in the future I might just get around to some of this. In the meantime the ideas may just show up in other areas of my designs. for art trading card(ATC) and 1inch fabric squares or inchies. I’ve already cut out some 1 inch squares to embellish. This site has inspired me to have a go. the quintessential site for fabric journal etc. combine with for a tutorial on bookbinding and you are set.

Now for the knitters. Knitting has experienced a well-deserved revival in the last few years. This popularity can be measured by the large number of blog sites for & by knitters. & both have free patterns available for download. is a blog from a knitter, She also does kumihimo.

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Sarah Ogren said...

Thanks for the links and info. I have also found it very time consuming to find blogs about collage and altered art.