Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Its a Small World

I've added 2 sites to my Creative People area.

I decided to do a blogsearch for 'hand embroidery'. I was looking for sites that would be a good match.

The first is Cathy from Altered Fabrications. I loved what Cathy is doing with Fabric and Threads. A girl after my own heart!

The second is Judy Scott, remember this was a random search. I clicked on Judy's site and was instantly captured by the images of her work. I noted that she lived in Scotland and had a son living in Queensland. Being a Queensland girl myself I decided that I didn't need to see any more. I emailed Judy to ask if she minded if I added her to my site. This is where the small world comes in. Last year Judy had been in our shop (Australia), bought some of my hand dyed threads and her son lives in the next suburb. The wonders of the internet!

So click on and have a look. don't forget to re-visit Lilly Cottage. Laura and Linda are always adding something new.

A little bit more on the 6 day Kumihimo Workshop at the Maryborough Arts Festival; www.maryborougharts.org.au

I will be supplying hand held disc and marudai for use during the workshop. all you will need to bring are scissors, sewing needles, sewing threads. From experience most participants have a stash of threads and yarns they can use. I will be bringing a variety of my hand dyed threads if participants wish to purchase additional threads.

Over the 6 days we will cover basic kumihimo techniques. participants can progress at their own pace; learning more intricate barid patterns & experimenting with different threads.

Come along and join us in Maryborough. It is a beautiful historic town with lovely welcoming locals.

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