Saturday, 14 July 2012

Super Secret Quilt Project Is Completed

It’s done and way ahead of time. No last minute panic sitting up into the wee small hours to finish off this gift. No siree! Way back last October I started making Suffolk Puffs out of left over grey/white/black fabric.

yo-yo quilt project 3

Then I hit upon the idea to make a quilt for my sister’s 50th birthday.

yo-yo quilt project 2

I now had an excuse to use the jumbo template that had been hiding in my craft cupboard forever. It also meant I had to buy some larger pieces of fabric.


Most of these fabric were purchased as black and white prints. With a couple of packets of Dylon’s Antique Grey ( love this colour, just wait to you see the skirt I’m making for myself) I overdyed the commercial rints to achieve my chosen colour scheme. The ‘solid’ greys were my Eco Dyed Fabric.

Once I had enough puffs I whipped up the quilt base , no rocket science here. Just quick and simple.


Next step was to work out the placement of the large puffs, took way longer than I expected.


Nest step was to plan the pattern placements of the smaller puffs.


The puffs were attached to the base when attaching the buttons. This served as the ‘quilting’ as well. All done.


To break up the monotony in every row I have replaced the big puff with 4 smaller ones. It  just adds a little variety. The hanging sleeve is attached and quilt bag is sewn. All that’s left  to do now is the wrapping.


wimcee said...

SEN-SATION-AL!!!!! Yay Trish!

Hot Fudge said...

Fabulous Trish - I do hope it will be appreciated. If not, I'll always be here second in line.

Trish Goodfield said...

Sorry Robyn, my niece already has dibs on it. She told me she will be happy to inherit it.