Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hello Old Friend

Crocheting was the first ever craft I learnt. I still have all the hooks my Grandmother gave me. Unfortunately they have seen better days largely because I insist on using them for other things like making fabric beads.


Just after Christmas I was strolling through Spotlight when I happened upon this.


A complete set of shiny new hooks. Of course this meant that I would have to do some crocheting. With all of the funky crochet flower patterns available I decided I would grab some of my hand dyed threads and make some. My enthusiasm didn’t last long. They are all written using American Crochet and I grew up with English Crochet. Back to Crochet School.


Started on a granny square ‘cause at least I knew what it should look like in the end.


I stayed with the wool and tried a simple flower. Ready to move on now. Different patterns and more interesting yarns and threads.


Kylie said...

They look fabulous! I often struggle with the US patterns too, even tho I translate them into the English way I just can't get them to look as they should. You've done brilliantly. Loving the look of all those hooks lined up in a case :) Kx

Trish Goodfield said...

Thanks Kylie. Mind you I didn't post photos of all my attempts. I do believe it is the thinking about what I'm doing rather than just doing is what is putting me off.