Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Crafter’s Way 220–Repurposed Coffee Pods

This is the first DIY to reuse coffee pods. They are surprisingly pliable and make a great blank canvas.
George Clooney 7a
I used: Pods, Hammer, Felt, Heat Cutting Tool, Bamboo Skewer, Super Glue and Assorted Findings and Mixed Media
Before starting prepare the pods as per last week’s column. The preparation instructions are also on my blog.
Kpod 1
Step 1: You need to flatten the pod. I chose to gently tap with a hammer. They don’t need brute force so take care and tap away.
Step 2: Turn to wrong side and tap flat.
Step 3: Glue a circle of felt to the wrong side. This will make the wearing more comfortable but feel free to omit if you prefer.
Step 4: For one of my chosen designs I needed to insert a hole to suspend a cord. I used my hot cutting tool. Please take care here; DO NOT hold the pod with your fingers or metal. The heat will transfer. In March 2003 I published a tutorial on how to do this; you can find it here,
Step 5: Play around with possibilities. I tried a couple of different design options before settling on my final design.
Note: I incorporated a number of different items; buttons, charms, buckles, jump rings and a kumihimo cord. In the final design I attached all the pieces using super glue.
The pods come in lots of different colours so don’t hesitate to mix and match them to create an individual design.

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