Monday, 2 January 2012

Holiday Craft Fun

While Alan has been busy replacing the pergola roof,



I’ve been inside crafting up a storm. Once the Bedroom Make-Over was complete I started creating Suffolk Puffs for my (much) older sister’s 50th Birthday Quilt.


All of the patterned jumbo puffs are complete, I still need 78 more jumbo puffs in my Eco Dyed Fabric.


This fabric is now drying on the line. Still have a heap of large puffs to make but have plenty of time up my sleeve, her birthday is not until August.


I couldn’t find a diary with a full day to a page, including weekends, in a pretty colour this year. Mind you I didn’t spend anytime looking either.


As the sewing machines was up I whipped up a fabric cover for my diary. Just in case I find myself regretting so much pink I have made it reversible. Much easier to find in my bag as well.

Working on a few other projects as well which hopefully won’t take the remainder of they year to finish. Wish me luck.

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