Monday, 10 October 2011

To Each Their Own

Alan and I set off on Saturday morning to one of our regular Garage Sales. It wasn’t long before I started collecting bits and bobs like the wire star.


Then I got really lucky. I spied  these vintage children’s sewing/craft books.


Ladies of a ‘certain vintage’ will recognise the Ladybird book. I can remember at school each classroom having this series. When you had finished your work you could go and pick one.


Then Alan found a bag with this camera and a heap of cables. he didn’t expect the camera to work but decided that the cables were worth the money. I guess it is a techno geek version of ‘who dies with them most fabric wins’. My bag of goodies went into the boot, Alan’s into the front seat with him. I am driving into the shop and Alan starts pulling everything out of the bag. Cables- check, Discs – Check, Memory card – Check and the camera works.

Did I mention I bought a LadyBird book?

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