Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dylon Dye 60- French Lavendar

French Lavendar was my next choice to try out the new Dylon colours.

As usual I set out to dye a piece of cotton, washed silk and sari silk. I also dyed a cotton t-shirt. But first the fabric.
The cotton is on the left. And yes for all you eagle eyes there are only 2 pieces not 3. I prepared the third piece, sari silk, then completely missed it when immersing the fabric in the dye bath. It lives to dye another day.
An interesting problem with the t-shirt. As soon as I immersed it into the dye I could see a small blue particle of dye that hadn’t dissolved properly  go and attach it self to the shoulder. The instructions on the pack say to mix well, I would recommend mixing very well.

See what  I do to the t-shirt tomorrow.


Susan said...

Thanks for the tip re mixing.I would have been so upset if I had done that. Its a pretty colour.

Trish Goodfield said...

I was a tad annoyed Susan but then got my creative thinking cap on.