Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fit for a (Craft) Museum

I have a split personality. One part of me is very utilitarian, the other craves perfection. No, that not right. Perfection is linked more to my control freak side. Ok I guess that makes my personality count # 3( I’ll discuss that with my therapist).

What I need to get off my chest is my desire to preserve  items in a  pristine condition. Not just any items, craft items. You can see how this causes me distress. On one hand I can’t wait to muck in and create yet I can be paralysed into inaction. This is not paralysis caused by fear of not being good enough. It caused by staining, cutting into and using beautifully presented craft supplies.


  There is nothing I enjoy more than staring at a brand new paint box. The possibilities are endless, dreams abound.


I want to hold that moment when you first open your new watercolour pencils forever. You know it too. When they are all in order, the lead sharpened evenly just waiting for you.


Don’t even get me started on fabric still on the bolt. Colour coordinated collections tempting you with their sumptuous displays.

I can wander the aisles of art/ craft supply shops for hours. Not purchasing anything just immersing myself in all the colour and splendour. I know shops can not survive on my need to be visually stimulated so I have a plan. It’s more of a loose idea at this stage but I propose we have a Craft Museum for pristine craft supply items. Somewhere for generations to come and see what possibilities await them.


vicki from in.cube8r said...

totally with you on this one Trish - I love the possibilities that newly bought products possess, but alas, as with most creatives, my expectations far exceed my actual ability. Thus most items stay in their boxes (much to my husband's distain!)

Hot Fudge said...

Book me in!

Sally Oakley said...

I'm so glad someone like you was able to articulate the barely-formed appreciation for the pristine craft-supply-item existing in my mind!

What a novel idea. I would applaud, but ultimately I hope your suggestion is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. After all, isn't that what Pinterest is for? To allow us to catalogue the pristine while we actually get 'stuck in' to reality?

Trish Goodfield said...

Sally, written very much with tongue in cheek however your comment re Pinterest raises an interesting point. I pin, share and ogle there as well however I do hope that the virtual world does not ever completely erase the experience of bricks and mortar.