Monday, 12 September 2011

Dylon Dye 59–Antique Grey

I was really excited about trying Dylon’s new Antique Grey and I wasn’t disappointed.

I dyed 3 pieces of fabric, cotton, washed silk and a sari silk.DSCF7659 copy
The cotton is a real pewter shade of grey which is what I expected. The Washed Silk has a very distinct  muted purple hue, very pretty. The Sari Silk is a much lighter shade of the purple.  In the dye bath I also dyed a cotton t-shirt, making the total weight of fabric dyed just under the recommended 250g.
Thinking I will try the French Lavender next.

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Uniquely Yours Creations said...

That's interesting how the silk came out a different color than the cotton....?
I have yet to see the Antique Grey in the store.
Can't wait to see the results of the French Lavender!