Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Crafter’s Way 195– Simple Fabric Coasters

Fabric Coasters

With school holidays looming on the horizon this activity is perfect for competent young sewers.


You will need: Cotton Fabric, Coordinating Thread (I used a contrasting thread so you could clearly see what I had done), Cotton Batting, Scissors and a Sewing Machine, Water Erasable Pen.

Step 1: Cut Cotton Fabric 26cm x 15cm and Cotton Batting 12cm x 12 cm.


Step 2: With right sides together fold and press fabric in half, short edge to short edge.


Step 3: Using a 1cm seam allowance sew 2 edges as shown. You need to leave one edge open. This is how you will turn to right side and insert batting. Trim corners.

Step 4: Turn to right side and press. Press open edge seam allowance. Insert cotton batting. Cotton batting may need a little trimming.


Step 5: Tuck seam allowance inside the packet. Top stitch 6mm in from edge. This will close the open seam and stabilise the batting. Using the Water Soluble Pen mark two diagonal lines, crossing in the middle. Stitch along these lines, further stabilising the batting. If you are more confident or just feeling creative feel free to make this stitching more decorative.

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