Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Crafter’s Way 192–Craft Books

By now regular readers will know I love a good craft book. A recent visit to the Redcliffe Library saw me coming home with the following selection.IMG_0004

Celebrate with Cards by Lynne Garner – 745.5951GAR I’m not going to mention the ‘C” word but if you want to get a head start on a crafty end of year celebration this book is worth a look. Not only does it have ‘C’ cards but other projects include bookmarks, sympathy cards, in fact cards for every occasion. Instructions are accompanied by full colour, large images with templates at the back. Get the kids involved for a fun couple of hours.mmam

Meet Me At Mikes by Pip Lincolne – 746LINC I was a bit excited when I found this on the shelves because it is (a) quite popular and (b) it is suitable for beginners. The book features simple yet effective projects to inspire a complete novice to have a go. The techniques are well illustrated and are accompanied by clear instructions. Any project that requires a pattern has on tucked just inside the front cover AND they are full sized patterns. None of this running off and getting them enlarged. If you have a teenager looking to create, borrow this book and leave it somewhere for them to stumble upon. They won’t be able to resist.


Absolute Beginners Decoupage by Alison Jenkins – 745.546JEN I borrowed this book not so much to review here but to refresh by own knowledge and skills of Decoupage. A household project I created when we first bought our house could do with a refresh. I wasn’t disappointed. Not only did the book cover the basics well it also moved the Crafter into more advanced techniques. This book will give you every excuse to save pretty wrapping paper, sheet music, and old images. There is even one project that will encourage you to eat a whole box of chocolates. Seriously. Since this book was published there has been an explosion in the variety of glues, sealants, etc. The techniques are still applicable however there may now be other material options to choose from. If in doubt visit a good scrapbook/paper shop. They are sure to point you in the right direction. q

Mosaic Picture Quilts by Pat Durbin – 746.4604DUR I have always been fascinated by mosaic quilts. In all honesty, working out how they are created makes my brain fry. This book dispels the mystery in a way that encourages you to create your own. The Author spends very little time on quilting techniques, assuming that the reader already possesses these skills. This is perfectly sensible assumption as a mosaic quilts are not for the quilting novice. What the Author does focus on is explaining how to break down an image, transfer to fabric and re-construct. I’m not going to give away the Author’s secret to creating painterly mosaic quilts. Borrow the book you won’t be disappointed.

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