Saturday, 23 July 2011

What a Week

Another crazy week has just finished and while I haven’t created anything new I have been very, very busy doing lots of preparation.


I have sewn many rows of gathering in readiness to create some new brooches.


Worked out the next stage for another brooch design. Started cutting out circles and checked how many brooch backs I had on hand.


Painted Mod Podge onto a Fat Quarter



The fabric is going to be decoupaged onto this bag so I gave it a quick clean so everything would adhere properly. Was half way through all this before I thought to take some snaps. Apologies for the lack of styling in the images. That is my clothes dryer the bag is sitting on.


And finally I got around to cutting out the motifs. Hopefully this weekend will see at least one of these projects completed. Maybe….?

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Kellie said...

Please post finished pics.