Monday, 18 July 2011

New Brooch Designs


This little treasure took almost  two days to get right. First attempt was too big. Next one too fluffy. This one is just right. I have used an old (ooops I meant vintage), sheer scarf. I’m now using the same steps to make some out of different fabrics. In the meantime I came up with another bright idea.DSCF7540I bought these,whatever these are, in a bag of plastic mesh. I had forgotten I had them until I went looking for some other plastic bits for a friend. Have a plan to make them into brooches as well. First step was to paint front and back with gel medium. DSCF7550 I needed to create a surface that acrylic paint would adhere to. They are slow drying so I can’t start planning the next step. I’m going to add some fabric and other bits and pieces before I’m done. I have another twenty or so of these so any other ideas will be appreciated.

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Sally said...

I always learn so much when I visit your site. Gel medium helps paint stick to plastic??? great hint. Thank you