Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dyeing is Good For The Soul

After weeks of dealing with Mum’s health issues and with no end in sight I decided that what I needed was some colour therapy. So today I ignored the goal list (except for the dentist appt) and played with dye.

DSCF7349My adventure almost came to a screaming holt when I realised that I would have to mix the dye bath. I didn’t have any already sitting waiting. DSCF7350 Stocks replenished, now for the fabric. I had some undyed Cotton Lawn, some undyed Vintage Linen, silks and blends.DSCF7351  I haven’t gone mad and mixed colours in the same tub. Some of these fabrics already had a base colour. The orange and green fabric was originally yellow.DSCF7354 This tray is a  mix of Cotton Lawn, Linen and Silk fabrics.DSCF7353 mmmm. I like this colour blend.DSCF7355 I was really enjoying myself. I had run out of trays and needed to switch to buckets.DSCF7356 I had just enough fabric left prepped for one more bucket. We’ll see how the Vintage Linen goes. I might do a range of Eco Dyed Linen if it proves popular.

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Nerida said...

Hope you post some after pics.