Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Crafter’s Way 179 – Glove Stitch

This week’s Messenger column is a tutorial on how to do Glove Stitch.Glove Stitch

I’ve recently been making pincushions, using up scraps of fabric and threads. I commented on facebook & twitter  how I was assembling them using glove stitch. This started quite a flurry of comments wanting to know what glove stitch was and how to do it.

Glove Stitch is quite literally the stitching used to assemble gloves. It is a strong and neat stitch used to join layers. As it is more a functional than decorative stitch I prefer to use a coordinating thread. However to add clarity to the images I have used a contrasting thread. Similar stitches are Bosnian Stitch and French Glove Stitch.

The layers can be sandwiched together (Fig 1), butted together (Fig 2) or at right angles (Fig 3).Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3

Here is a quick tutorial. Fig 4 Secure the thread at wrong side of top layer. Bring needle up at (A).

Insert needle into bottom layer at (B).

*Bring needle up on top layer at (C).

Insert needle back into bottom layer at (B).

Bring needle up again on the top layer at (C).

At this point (C) becomes (A).

Insert needle into bottom layer at (B)>

Repeat from *


Sue said...

Thanks for such a great tutorial. Any more stitch tutorials in the pipeline?

Nerida said...

This looks strong as well as decorative.

Trish Goodfield said...

Sue, I will be doing some more.I've had a couple of emails after the magazine was published asking some questions so it seems there is an interest out there.

Hot Fudge said...

Thanks so much Trish. I remember being taught this very useful stitch a few years back and forgot all about it. Now I can use it piecing my hexagonal quilt.

Tracy said...

This is great. I've never heard of glove stitch before. Thanks for sharing.