Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Crafter’s Way 177 – Easter Craft Blogs

 The Messenger doesn’t publish for a couple of weeks over Easter. This week’s post, Easter Blogs, is the last until the 8th of May. Make sure you read all the way to the end to learn about the The Reincarnated Kimono Project.

It’s almost the time of the year when we get to indulge in too much chocolate, enjoy time off with the family and school holidays. To help you pre-plan some craft activities for the kids I found some blog sites with some fun, simple and inexpensive Easter Crafts. bunny-finger-puppets-2-425 I love this site. Their tutorials are always well written with lots of images describing the steps. The Bunny Finger Puppets tutorial is no exception. Using inexpensive felt this is suitable for children 8yrs+. Younger children may need a little adult assistance. Have a look around while you are there, you will find heaps of other interesting tutorials for when the kids go back to school. This area of the Kaboose site has 26 different Easter craft activities. They have made it easy to choose which ones you want to do. Just scroll through full size images of the finished item, click and you will be taken directly to the instructions. Many of these easter themed crafts could be modified for other theme. e.g. The Bunny Bag could easily be modified to a Santa Bag. This site is perfect for the non- crafty parent to assist with. Simple and perfect for the younger children in the family.

magazine-mini-basket-craft-photo-420-FF0411EGG_A07 This is my favourite Easter Craft, probably because it reuses junk mail. The Easter Basket made from magazines is effective. You can use pretty paper if you wish. An activity for older children.RKP. And now for something completely different. An exhibition, The Reincarnated Kimono Project will be on display at Hanasho, 5/235 Boundary Street West End until  April 31st. RKP Sneak Peek

This is a group exhibition featuring fifteen local artists and their diverse range of art pieces and crafts created using fabric taken from two vintage kimonos. The Artists each examined the versatility of vintage fabric, two vintage kimonos, and reinterpreted it in their own medium.  Final pieces include mixed media artworks, fashion, softies, jewellery, fabric origami, bags and a quilt.


wimcee said...

Thanks for the shout out Trish - it really has been a wonderful project to have been part of, in illustrious company! x

Bev said...

wish I lived closer I would love to see the kimona exhibition. on the other hand my kids will love the easter crafts. Great Blog by the way.

Sue said...

With our Easter rainy days these project ideas will come in handy.

Peta said...

Just showed the kids the bunny finger puppets. Off to the shops to buy white felt.