Friday, 18 March 2011

Mess Maker

This week started out with me tidying and culling my messy and disorganised home studio. The road to tidiness is never easy, there is a point where the area always seems worse than it was to start with. I pushed on and had a break through.

The week is also destined to finish with a big mess. This time a much more enjoyable one. Yesterday’s Children’s Classes started out as planned.DSCF7145Chairs, tables and dye at the ready. On Sundays this area is a thriving food barn. During the week it is empty so I do my dyeing classes there. There is plenty of room and I can hose it out afterwards.DSCF7146  We had a few spills. This young fellow spilt the red, luckily it was not on him or his clothes. Looks innocent doesn’t he.DSCF7147 This is his first attempt at a space dyed thread.When it was all over at 5.30pm I simply couldn’t face packing it all up and starting the clean up. So I left it until this morning.DSCF7153 I should keep this post as a screen saver as a reminder of why I should not do that. This is halfway through cleaning up, buckets stacked everywhere. I haven’t touched the threads yet, they are still sitting on the washing machine.DSCF7155 I then had a brainwave, I would make a whole lot more of a mess. I would make some merino top paper. I have teased out the tops and placed onto the netting before adding soapy water then glue mixture.DSCF7157 It is now drying, I hope, on the line. I didn’t think this through. The forecast is for showers. I hope they hold off at least until the pongy wet wool smell disappears. I have a plan for this paper, not an urgent plan but a plan just the same. You will just have to patient to see what I do with this lot.

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