Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Unique Wedding Style

Last year I was commissioned to create a Kumihimo Braid for use in a Handfasting ceremony. You can read about at this post.wedding braid Now we are able to offer them for sale.

What is Handfasting? At one time Handfasting was the only way couples could get married as the church wasn’t always available to the common man. It continued to be legal in Scotland until 1939.

Handfasting is non religion specific and while today it is often associated with pagan weddings it can be assimilated with all traditional Christian ceremonies.

If you are looking for a wedding with a different style to all your friends why not consider incorporating our Handfasting cords. The cords have been handcrafted on a traditional Japanese takadai.wedding braid 2Braids feature 13 symbolic colours, see here for meanings. Other braid structures and colours are available on request.wedding braid 3After the Wedding use the braid to display your photos.

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