Thursday, 28 October 2010

Tie The Knot

I was recently asked to make a Braid for a Wedding Ceremony. The Bride & Groom want to include a Handfasting Ceremony.DSCF6682Initially the Bride requested a 13 strand braid however once we started discussing the details it quickly became apparent that what she really wanted was a braid with 13 specific colours.
DSCF6670The colours were Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Purple, White, Grey, Black, Silver and Gold. I placed the Gold between the Red & Pink, the Silver was between the Blue & Purple.
DSCF6674It took about 20 mins of Braiding before the pattern started to develop and all up about 4 hours of braiding to complete the 1.6m length. Of course I  underestimated the time of setting up the bobbins but I was happy that the time I quoted for the braiding was spot on. I am thrilled with the result, I hope the Bride & Groom are as well.


Kellie Christie said...

Gorgeous colours Trish!! i hope they loved it!!

marigold jam said...

How could they not (or should that be knot!) be pleased. How do you get that lovely edging on the braid I wonder?


Trish Goodfield said...

Jane, I simply frayed out the threads to create the fringing, then I held the frayed end over steam to straighten out the threads.