Friday, 28 May 2010

Custom Dyeing

 As a general rule I don't custom dye for people. The time involved in getting the exact shade just isn't worth he time and effort. But when my friend, Pauline, from Furry Friends Factory asked if I could dye some fabric for her adorable kits I couldn't say no.
The fabric on the bottom is the original colour. The piece on the top is the sample I was trying to match. The fabric is cordaroy. It was soooo heavy to lift when laden with dye.My muscles got a good work out.

This is the fabric after dyeing. Not a bad match. It's actually a little greener than it appears. Once Pauline says 'OK", I'll do the second piece. Still not in a hurry to make a habit of custom dyeing though.


Hot Fudge said...

That's an incredible match Trish. I hope Pauline is as impressed as I am!

Jensters said...

I think you have done a great job...well done.

Pauline said...

Hey Trish,
Just picked it up today and it looks better in real life! I'm soooooooooo pleased, now I can make Prince Charming again! You are so clever with dye, actually with LOTS of things! THANK YOU so much for making an exception for a friend. Come to think of it, your arms did look really toned today! hee hee : )