Monday, 14 December 2009

ReRead Win

Hayley from ReRead recently hosted a giveaway on her blog and I won it.

Hayley makes the most wonderful quirky cards from recycled books. She even made the envelope. This reminds me that I have 2 different sized perspex templates somewhere.

Inside were 4 gift cards.

Love the sayings.

And some Christmas Cards. I know exactly who is getting the 'crank up the stereo' gift card. Thanks Hayley!


Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh lucky you! If you do find you don't have anyone to give one of those gorgeous cards or tags to, I will put my hand up..pick me pick me....
Kiss Noises Linda

jenny said...

Thank you to you and your family. You have touched a lot of people around the world. Thinking of you from Australia. You are really very lucky... Thanks for post.

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