Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Crafter's Way 121 - Kool Candles

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“Kool Candles”

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Dummies Book of Soap and Candle Making. I’m always encouraging you to have a go at making yourself but if you feel that you may need a little help I have a solution for you.

Sue Grier of Spoil and Indulge is our local soap and candle making expert. Sue handcrafts candles from natural waxes including soy and palm wax. Sue believes that many people are unaware that traditional paraffin candles are made from petroleum which emits toxic vapors. “Some candles even have lead in the wicks to help them burn slower” says Sue. Sue lists additional benefits of soy candles as: they burn up to 75% longer than paraffin; they burn cooler; have no lead in the wick and contain no pesticides or herbicides.

While Sue has now opened her own shop front in Oxley Avenue, Margate she continues to be found at many local markets. Getting out and meeting different people from different cultures and backgrounds is an added bonus of a market environment. “The atmosphere of a buzzing market place or festival always encourages me to create more products,” says Sue, “I love the looks on peoples’ faces when they are smelling the candles and sometimes they share information about the fragrance they are smelling from something from their past.”

Visiting Sue at the Markets gives the customer an opportunity to try candle making. Their new product called "Kool Candles" is an interactive candle making area in their market stall where anyone is able to make their own colourful fragrant jar candle from their special candle sand. Sue says this is a great activity for all ages as there is no heat in the making of the candle. If you enjoy your first candle making experience Sue stocks a range of candle making kits as well as candle making equipment. Sue offers great after sales service “We are a phone call away if people are having problems with anything.”

Making your own candles is do-able for the novice. Made all the easier by the availability
of Sue’s kits and equipment. Why not give “Kool Candles” a try at the Farmer’s Markets at Old Petrie Town on Saturdays.

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