Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Dylon Dyes 50 - Refreshing

About 1o years ago I bought 2 hats from the markets. I love these hats as they stay on no matter how windy it is. I bought the cream one first and then realised that it was an impractical colour for gardening etc. So I bought the navy one. While we were away I considered buying a new hat but quickly reconsidered when I saw the price tags. With a little help from Dylon I can have a new look hat.

You can see that the crown has faded badly. I'm going to pop this one into Jeans Blue.
The cream hat always seems to be grubby. It's going into Tropical Green.

This is Linda's shirt. The cotton lace has faded unevenly so I'm going to refreshen it with some Jeans Blue.
Not sure if they will get done today but definately by the end of the week.


Kylie said...

I love reinvigorating things by dying them too, but I bet you do a much better job! Can't wait to see them done. k

Sandrine said...

Great idea, looking forward to see the facelift:)

Hey Harriet said...

Happy special day!!!

...I hope I got the date right :)