Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Crafters' Way 96 - Impress

Here is this week's Messenger column.


Impress Printmakers Studio operates a members’ access printmaking studio at Camp Hill, Brisbane. Impress Printmakers Studio promotes original fine art printmaking in various forms. They also conduct regular public access printmaking workshops and printmaking exhibitions for members. If you are interested in Printmaking you can book into the following workshops. For more info contact Sally Flynn, Workshop Coordinator on 0430199602 or email:

Collograph with Suzanne Danaher. Sunday 14th & 21st June, 10am – 4pm. Collagraph’s are an exciting way to produce a quality print without the need for etching a plate. A similar effect to etching can be achieved, however each print can be slightly different in its outcome due to the plate not being etched and the way the artist wipes the plate.

Single Plate, Multicolour Inking Method with Carolyn Mackenzie-Craig. Sunday 24th July, 10am -4pm. This workshop covers both a la poupee & viscosity plate inking techniques to print multi-colour etchings & collographs from a single plate. The a la poupee technique can be used to produce exquisite full colour images without the problems of registration and the cost of multiple plates.

Monoprinting with Sara Rumsay. Sunday 21st August, 10am – 4pm. Monoprinting is a process with endless possibilities for creative mark making, gestural and painterly impressions, and exciting ways to build up layers, colour and texture. Although each print is unique in itself there is the potential to make a varied edition of prints.

Artist Books with Sue Pickford. Sunday 18th October, 10am – 4pm. This workshop introduces the basics of Artist book making. Anyone can attend; no previous experience is required. Completion of this workshop will allow student to make and experiment with several versions of hand bound, artist books.

Image are by Sally Flynn. Sally is currently exhibiting at the Childers Regional Art Gallery.
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