Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A Busy Couple of Days

Last Saturday Morning saw us getting up very early and heading to the Nambour Artisans and Farmers Market. Beautiful weather meant lots of people were out and about.

We then headed back to the shop to unload before driving down to the Gold Coast. Alan's sister had made a group booking of hotel rooms for her company. When somebody suddenly pulled out she offered us the room for the night. When we booked in the Receptionist advised that we had been upgraded to a Balcony Room. 'Lovely' we cooed in unison. 'You will be able to enjoy a drink on the balcony', suggested the Receptionist. This was our balcony, totally in the shade. It was so cold that I didn't even open the sliding door to take the photo.

And this is our view. I'm sure that this is what all of my overeseas readers think of when they think 'Gold Coast'. We could actually see the funny side, it felt like one of those b-grade teen comedy movies.

We did enjoy a drink in our mismatched glasses. Just like home. We don't own any matching champagne glasses as I keep breaking them. We had a lovely time.

Yesterday, I went to the Breast Cancer Screening centre. I arrived half an hour early and was taken straight in for a mammogram. Beauty, I will be in and out in a snap. Six hours, 2 mammograms, an ultra sound, and a biopsy later I emerged. I did have plenty of time to make more of my flower brooches.

I'm now going to sit out in the lovely winter sun and aimlessly flick through some magazines. How else would you spend a day off.

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Traci said...

Hope everything is ok with your tests.