Monday, 4 May 2009

Treasures from the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show

My home looks like a tip. Well, it did first up this morning. Stuff to go back to the shop is now stacked in a neat-ish pile at the backdoor. I've vacuumed and cleaned both bathrooms. I've walked around and collected anything crafty and dumped into the design studio. That still looks like a tip but at least its all in one place AND I can close the door on it. The house is now clean and tidy, not 'the in laws are coming to stay' kind of tidy but hey I can live with it. Now I can start to play with my new friends that came home with me from the show.

I bought 3 books from Can Do Books.I know there are only 2 here. I ordered and paid for the third and they will post it to me free. I teach a fabric and paper bead class for the Council. I thought this book may give participants some further encouragemnt when they try it at home. I might even be able to convince the Council Libraries to stock it. The second book has the most outrageous pair of Crazy Patchwork pants. I love them. Only in Qld could you get away with wearing them.

I grabbed some fat quarters from The Quilt Store. I've been experimenting making fabric origami flowers. My Hand Dyed Fabric looks great but I wanted some in a lighter value to coordinate.

These metallic threads are from Sewitall. The are fabulous to do Kumihimo with. I had bought a huge amount from them a couple of years ago and am almost out. Alan actually chose the gold and copper colours. He wants to have a go at making an actual braid not just a demonstrating.

The lovely ladies from Funky Friends Factory were our neighbours. Pauline's soft toys have all been designed to be made with lovely soft cuddly fleece. She gave me these 2 patterns and I'm going to test them with woven fabric for her.

I bought this iron transfer from Ruby 2 GoGo. Helen is the talented lady who designs them. Not only did Helen run her own site at the show, she was interviewed daily and she never missed an opportunity to promote BrisStyle She has the most amazing positive energy. And she's gone back to work today. Don't know how she does it.

I actually thought I had lost the transfer but I had slipped it inside this copy of Mixtape magazine. I'm really looking forward to reading it. But first I really should tidy up this room.

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Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Ah what beautiful treasures...can't wait to see what you make with this little lot and I bought the Mixtape mag as well and got to say I love it, I read it from cover to cover.
Kiss Noises Linda