Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Crafters' Way 90- Mother's Day Card

I've posted this Messenger column a little early so that Kids have some time to make a card before this Sunday.

Mother’s Day Card

To make this Mother’s Day Card you will need: Cardboard 21cm x 18cm, Glue, Pens and Decorative Paper. I used tissue paper however you can use wrapping paper, junk mail or even brightly coloured magazine pages.

Step 1: Cut or tear your paper into small pieces. The grids are 1cm square so you can see the approximate size I used.

Step 2: Fold the cardboard in half. This size will easily fit into a DL sized envelope. Crease the fold firmly. If the card flops open while your child is creating pop a little
Blu tack between the 2 halves.

Step 3: Draw the vase. This can be coloured in if your child prefers.

Step 4: Draw a light pencil line as an outline for the paper placement. Place glue directly onto a small area and start gluing paper down.

Step 5: Continue gluing until the outline is filled. Make sure the pencil outline has been covered. Don’t worry if a little of the cardboard is peeking through the ‘flowers’.

Step 6: Wait until glue dries before adding a greeting of your child’s choice. Older children may like to embellish their flowers with pen highlights or adding a few seed beads however I think the simplicity of the design works best.

I did this activity with a little girl in Prep. She only needed a little help with the writing. She traced over my printing, which I kept simple.

Guess what my Mum’s getting for Mother’s Day? Enjoy your day Mum!
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Tony said...

I decide to do this with my kids for Mother's Day. They are aged 4 and 6. We had a ball together and my wife loved it. Thank you.