Thursday, 16 April 2009

Day 5 of Show Prep

Today I had a bit of a play. I hand painted threads. It's funny how tastes change. During the first couple of years of having the shop I couldn't keep up with space dyed threads. Everybody wanted them. Then about 18 months ago sales slowed. I stopped dyeing them AND nobody asked for them. Everybody wanted Solid Hand Dyed Threads. It seems that tastes are starting to sway back toward space dyed threads. I started on a range of colourways and thread types. I'll be taking them to the Stitches and Craft Show, may as well do a bit of market research while I'm there.

I've popped into the other BrisStyle Girls' blogs today to catch up on their preparations for the Show. Go and visit Helen, Chris and Louise to see how they're doing. I can feel the excitiemnt building.

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Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Aha I see you worked out the widget link within thing....easy wasn't it?
Just thought I would let you know that looks like you are painting someting with blood to re-enact a gruesome murder.....see a thread is not just a thread in my is seaweed or arteries and tendons....kiss noises Linda ( oh you might need to let people know to look at your blog at it's address and not on their readers as you won't know that widgety thing is there otherwise.
kn again