Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 3 - Stitches and Craft Show Preparations

We don't usually work Tuesday but as the show is coming up fast we decided that the extra day was needed. When we left home it was still raining and it looked like it had set in for the day. By the time we had driven to the shop we could see patches of blue sky peeking through. Ever the optimist I quickly had fabric ready to go out on the line to dry.

Next job was mixing up more dye. Measuring needs to be accurate so it always seems to take forever. The good news is that using my Eco Dyeing method the 4 litres I mixed up of each colour will last absolutley ages.

With plenty of dye ready to go I moved onto the next dyeing batch. By the time I left this afternoon this rack was full of buckets. So was the long work table. This lot will 'do its thing' overnight. I'll finish it off tomorrow.

I'm off now to wind more thread into skeins.


June said...

Eco Dyeing? Sounds interesting.

ellie said...

Beautiful colours. Can't wait to see them at the show.
We will be having a stand at the S&C show, too.

I'm organising a dinner for all the Incubator people. Can't seem to find your email address. If you are interested in coming along to the dinner, please email me at redseedstudio (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Have a look at my blogs, too, if you're interested.

See you soon,
Ellie - Red Seed Studio :: Petalplum