Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Reddy Art Quilt Challenge - February

The Art Quilt Challenge for February involved a found object. I drew a cone or seed pod. The general consensus was that it was from a Protea, an Australian Native Flower. There was also some gorgeous Lime Green Thread from Belgium with it.

I first did a pencil rubbing of the cone.

I cut out stencils. I wanted to avoid marking the cone. One of the other members is off to a Forum in April and wanted to take the cone as inspiration. I'm more than happy to share.

My first attempt was to use the stencil as a sun print on paper. This wasn't successful, purely because the breeze (that was totally absent during prep time) picked up and blew everything into the shade.

I then used the same stencil on some Eco-Dyed fabric.

Very pleased with the results. I was trying for a 'space theme' but the colours are lending themselves more to a 'sea theme'.

This is the same photo before I played around with the camera settings. If I have time, before the next meeting, this might just fit in perfect with the ' space' idea.

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Hot Fudge said...

This is fantastic Trish - you certainly are very creative. We had the textile artist Sue Dennis as guest speaker at Schoolhouse Quilters today and she will be giving us a two day workshop next month - can't wait.