Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Martha Stewart

I've been indulging myself while I've been on holidays, I've been watching endless repeats of Martha Stewart. Today's episode featured an aticle on Wedgewood.

It was in 2 parts. The first was a bit of a history, fascinating to say the least. Then Martha interviewed one of the Lord Wedgewoods'. Now at this point I have to say I don't really know if there is more than one or exactly how the English Peerage system works but it got my memory banks working in overdrive.

When I turned 18 yrs old, which is the Australian Coming of Age, I was given by my best friend a Wedgewood item. Absolutely beautiful, and no doubt an item I cherished. Not only because of its monetary value but because Chris thought of it.

It spent years in its box, largely because I was still living at home. Years later, now living in my own home, it had developed a greenish mark across the faces of the 2 figures. I didn't want to attempt removing it myself in case I permanently damaged it. As luck would intervene I worked with a lady whose son worked for Wedgewood. She offered to show it to her son. Lord Wedgewood was visiting Australia courtesy of David Jones. The son showed it to him and Lord Wedgewood had it repaired.

Now it is used to display my buttons. Oh! and the Martha Wedgewood I liked the best, absolutely the Green One.

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bubbachenille said...

beautiful dish Trish.... Where does one find Martha Stewart reruns?