Monday, 5 January 2009

Google Maps

While I was on holidays I planned to add a couple of extra features to our website. The only thing was that I also wanted to have a break fom the computer. Today is the second last dayof our break so I got stuck in and added the features.

We now have the bare bones of a Google Map, a Gallery and some Links. Now that I have the basics up, I can add more product items. That can wait until we go back to work.

But for now I'm still on holidays. I have finished all the embellishing on the slippers and have now painted the insides.

I've also started embellishing the 'patches' of the Faux Crazy Patch Angel. Didn't take long before I had finished 4 patches. Might even get it done before Wednesday.

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Peta said...

Your stitching is beautiful.