Friday, 5 December 2008

Late Friday Afternoon

Its just gone 5pm on a Friday afternoon. I'm still waiting for fabric to dry.

Its hanging on the line and I'm hanging on hoping we don't get hit with another summer storm.
In between storms I have managed to get some dyeing and drying done. These are some silk scarves.
And I dyed this shirt for a customer. The colours were just what she was after.

When I went to iron it I discovered this hole. I've never had a dud one before from my supplier. I'll check them in future. Being one to turn failures into opportunities I've been playing around with options.

The colours of the suffolk puffs are wrong but I don't mind the look. I'm dyeing some silk as I write. Lucky the shirt is my size.

And to finish on a sweet note; I had just had a young couple come in a want to buy matching heart braided bracelets. they chose the purple and green (second & sixth from your right). Young love's grand, isn't it?


Heather said...

beautiful colors! I love the "drying" picture, a classic! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, that's a great idea to use salt dyeing with younger ones!

Traci said...

I think th whole of Brisbane is fed up with the storms. Looks like we might be in for another today.