Monday, 22 December 2008

Craft Addiction

This is truly pathetic. We are closed for the next 2 weeks, except Sundays. Saturday afternoon I began to panic. Do I have enough 'stuff' at home to keep me occupied. I created a list of all the things I wanted to at least start. Then another list of what I would need to do this. All very methodical.

I brought home 2 bags.

Sunday after lunch was when the panic set in.

But what if I wanted to do this. What about this idea that has been floating around for a couple of weeks?

These supplies have been spread out on my large corner lounge. I've tried to make tidy piles for the photos but you just know that it going to spread out all over the place. I have now prioritised the projects but I can see that going out the window the first time I have another whim.

The stuff can't stay in the lounge, better go and make room for it in the studio... with the rest of my stuff.

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Stu said...

Did you leave anything at the shop?