Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Christmas Ornament part 2

I made these for my Swap Partner Lee

Basically they are large Dorset Buttons. I used Wooden Curtain Rings and Hand Dyed Silk Thread. Its the same principal, Wind thread around ring using button hole stitch.

Then create your cross threads. The start weaving under and over.

Here are some detail images.

The beading is added last.

I added beads to both sides so that when they hang and twirl there is little glitz showing at all times.

The beading is different on the other side.

I think the photos Lee has on her blog are better. Pop over to have a look.


EmBelISH said...

WOW! Trish they are really beautiful I am sure your swap partner is going to love them :)
Bel x

Natalie said...

Whoever would have thought that soemthing so simple could be so stunning. Great idea.

ladydi said...

These are lovely! I'm sure your swap partner is thrilled.

Bec said...

These are fantastic Trish!!! I don't suppose you sell the materials for these in your shop (ie. the ring bits)? I'd love to have a go at these. They look like so much fun, and the finished product is so so beautiful!

Simon said...

What a brilliant idea. I don't want to think how many of those rings I've thrown out over the years. No more will go in the bin that's for sure.

Kitty Boo Boo said...

You are an ingenious lady - I love love love these - they are beautiful and such a brilliant use of curtain rings!

Ann said...

Thanks for the tutorial - I made one of these with pink wool and pink beading for my bedroom. Can be seen on my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/54921727@N08/?saved=1