Friday, 31 October 2008

Diligent Dyer

Despite still feeling like I'm on holiday I have got on with dyeing. Remember the threads I prepared earlier in the week? I dyed 21 different colours in one morning.

They are soaking in these ex- icecream containers.

Here I'm trying to rinse them under cold water. I'm trying to manouever the box under the washing machine pipe attached to the other tap. Next time I just think I will wait until its finished filling. It will probably be quicker.

Once the water is running clear I lay the threads on an old white nappy to check for colour fastness. Once I'm happy I hang them to dry.

I then moved onto dyeing some T-Shirts. Alan had asked me to dye him a couple. Gosh is he fussy, and he wonders why I won't custom dye for people.

These have been dyed and are waiting for the soda ash.

These are soaking in Soda ash.

This bucket is full of Eco - Dyed Shirts.

And this is the washing up that's waiting for me.

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