Thursday, 11 September 2008

What I've done so far today.

While I haven't actually finished anything yet. I have started lots.

First thing I did was dye these shirts. They are waiting to be washed out.

Then I decided that I wanted to start braiding on my Takadai. I found these balls of Perle5 at a garage sale. Got the lot for $2.

Wound some into 4m lengths.

Then soaked them overnight. I just had a feeling that they needed longer than usual. Don't know why, just went with the feeling.

Here they are waiting to be washed out. Now its not that I'm putting off the washing out or anything but if I do it right now I don't have anywhere to hang them.

I also dyed some more lace and its currently drying on the rack.

And on the security screen across the back door.

I moved onto an experiment. Will it work? Who knows at this stage but I'm sure having fun.

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Robyn said...

we all gotta start somewhere.