Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Shopping haul

A couple of weeks ago the was a segment on Brisbane Extra about a heap of Opshops in Wynnum. I didn't see the show but my mother rang to tell me that they said there were 11 in a couple of streets. That was good enough for me.

Alan and I had a slow morning, heading out after we had watched the replay of the first ever night Formula One Race.

All the usual shops were there, plus a couple of extras. Endos is as expensive there as everywhere else. They sell secondhand T-Shirts there for more than it would cost to buy the exact same brand from Supre or Best and Less. The funny thing is that if you wanted something good to wear to a formal occassion you could pick up a highly fashionable dress for as little as $25. Go figure.

Having said that I did find some bargains at the other stores.

This large bag is filled with fabric, paper patterns, fringing and assorted stuff. I probably should have tipped it out for the photo but I didn't think it would go back in.

This chair is covered with a heap of scarves collected from various shops. I want to make a skirt.

This pile is skirts that I can dye and resell. Can't wait to get back to the shop tomorrow and start dyeing.


Judy said...

What a haul. Can't wait to see how those skirt look. If they are as pretty as the last lot they are sure to be popular

Traci said...

Please, Please post photos of your skirts.