Saturday, 2 August 2008

Naughty Blogger

I've been a bit slack about posting lately. I've been trying to set up the Etsy store. Got a few items listed but would like to have some time to add more. Maybe next week.

This week disappeared in a flash. Keep in mind our working week is Wednesday to Sunday. Wednesday was spent finishing the hand painting of the spirals on the cushion fronts. I haven't finished the background yet as I needed to take them off the frame to make room for a class. On the way home picked up 45 t- Shirts.

Thursday I had a dyeing class. This was full on but as always lots of fun. Friday, I washed the shirts and dyed them. Today was spent washing out. These have all been ECO DYED. I don't Tie Dye. I don't use any string or rubber bands. I have even worked out a way to get patterns like the star on top without stitching. Pretty happy about that. Oh, and I'm not telling.

I brought some home to finish washing out. With a bit of luck they will be dry for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm hoping that before the market crowd arrives I will be able to iron the t-shirts. I'm going to concentrate on the kids ones first.

Alan has also been busy. He has assembled the takadai and made me an additional 62 large bobbins. Guess Its now up to me to dye the threads and start the first braid.

Alan also got a bargain today. We've been talking about racks for the clothes but have been unwilling to spend the money they ask for them new. Alan picked up 2 of these racks for $40 from an opshop. What a bargain. They are in perfect condition.

The t-shirst look good too.

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